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WOODSTOCK YOUTH HOCKEY 2014-2015 season is here!

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VSAHA PeeWee Jamboree
Woodstock Youth Hockey hosted PVA, Northshire Brattleboro & Upper...
Top 10 reasons to volunteer!
This upcoming weekend we're hosting the biggest tournament in...
2014 Vermont State Championships
Congratulations to 3 great teams for 3 great games! PeeWees finish...
VSAHA PeeWee Jamboree

Woodstock Youth Hockey hosted PVA, Northshire Brattleboro & Upper Valley in a fantastic 5-hour PeeWee Jamboree Saturday 12/6.  Thanks to everyone for making the trip and spending the day at the rink.  A big thanks to VSAHA for sponsoring the event.

posted 12/07/2014
Top 10 reasons to volunteer!

This upcoming weekend we're hosting the biggest tournament in WYH history! It's our last chance to raise some money for our fantastic organization before we hang up the skates, sticks, whistles and clipboards for the season.


Top Ten Reasons To Volunteer for The Pot o' Gold Invitational this weekend!

10. It is a good time for your son/daughter to see how committed you are to their favorite sport
9. Once you do it, you will not feel as bad about deleting my future emails requesting help
8. The more volunteers we have means the less money we have to pay non-WYH people to perform these roles for the weekend, which means more money goes to WYH, which means our skating fees remain low, which means you do not have to spend more, which means......you get the picture
7.  Running the scoreboard is easy, there are detailed instructions included
6.  Free food... nothing better than rink hot cocoa & hot pretzels*
5. You do not have to listen to the parents from the other teams in the stands
4. The refs will hear you loud and clear if you think it was a bad call - they have to report all of their calls directly to  YOU
3. You get to fulfill that dream you have always had of being a DJ in front of a big crowd. Cotton Eyed Joe is only played if you want it to be!
2. Much like a DVR, you have the ability to stop the game if you have to use the restroom or want to get a snack. A hockey game cannot go on without a timekeeper.**
1. The tournament committee will stop sending these emails to everyone if we can get these games covered***

 *  If you volunteer for 2 or more games

** Just a joke. You shouldn't leave the scorer's box during the game.

*** Until next season, or if we need something else between now and October

Your support is appreciated - thanks in advance!

by posted 03/16/2014
2014 Vermont State Championships

Congratulations to 3 great teams for 3 great games!

PeeWees finish 2nd in "VT State PeeWee A Division"
Final Score 2-3 in 4th OT!

Girls U12 finish 1st in "VT State U13 Division"
Final Score 3-2

Girls U14 finish 1st in "VT State U14 A Division"
Final Score 1-0
by KGaines posted 03/09/2014
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